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Wendy Beresford

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Emotions can be hard to deal with. They can be so debilitating that we cannot function as we wish.

I love tapping because it allows us to deal with our emotions in a positive way and helps us to gain more control in our lives.   

“I wish for all children to grow up with the necessary tools and practices to enable them to develop a sense of self-worth, empowerment and connection with others that extends from their inner core to the world around them”

Wendy Beresford 2018.

A big welcome to my my website and hub for all things to do with emotional wellness - thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy exploring the site and resources available. 

So who am I and what is Tapping? 

My name is Wendy, and I am a mum to two beautiful children, aged 4 and 7.  My youngest has high functioning autism and my eldest has dyspraxia, and struggles with sensory issues and anxiety.

I began my journey into emotional healing and the desire to understand how our minds work, after a barrage of childhood trauma and my struggles into the world of adulthood. 

I managed to go to university and did well, but a breakdown after finishing my degree led me to a more positive path that was inspiring and filled me with hope, In 2005, I gained my Diploma in Hypnotherapy, after spending a wonderful year learning how our minds process trauma and how we can reprogrammed them, so that we can be free of unwanted thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

When I discovered Tapping (EFT) in 2008, I found it baffling and almost magical, how fast it worked to clear emotions, and to make people feel better. I needed to understand why, so I began to deepen my research and progress with my training.  In 2012, I became a qualified EFT Trainer, and since then, I have been sharing my skills through local workshops, trainings, talks and in outreach projects.

Over the years, my passion and thirst for knowledge and understanding has grown, and I am now at the point of being able to share with other mums and families, some of the fantastic strategies and tools, that I have developed over the years.   


What do I want to help you with?

I work with mums, carers, families and young people, offering support and training to help develop emotional wellness and resilience that I believe is vital to thrive in this fast paced society. 

The training and resources I offer provide simple and positive techniques to lower stress levels, increase positivity and to encourage emotional wellness. The practices and training that I offer enable adults and children alike, equipping them with the necessary tools to deal with the pressures and challenges that life throws forward.

What skills do I have?

My qualifications include: Modern Energy Tapping (EFT) Accredited Trainer and Master Practitioner, Hypnotherapist (DipHyp), Workplace Coach (ILM), PSTEC Advanced Practitioner, Mental Health First Aider.

As part of my continuing professional development I have also trained in Autism Spectrum Disorders and Learning Disabilities. And as an avid researcher I have also spent many years studying mind processes, beliefs and trauma in the pursuit of simple, tangible healing processes and practices.

My experience includes working as a mental health trainer and delivering workshops across the county for business and charities. I have also been involved with outreach projects in the community and enjoy sharing self-calming tools in talks for local groups.

What is my background in Emotional Wellness?

I am an accredited EFT ('tapping') trainer, hypnotherapist and coach with over ten years’ experience working with a range of trauma. Over the years I have refined my skills and methods through my training, research and practice, My area of passion is in teaching positive empowering tools to ease anxiety and stress in children and adults. This stems from my own experiences of overcoming chronic anxiety in early adulthood.

After qualifying in Hypnotherapy in 2007, I began working with clients privately. In 2009 I joined the Isbourne Holistic Centre where I regularly deliver EFT and self-help workshops. give talks on self-love and how to reprogram the brain. I also ran a meditation group at the Isbourne and worked on an outreach project teaching EFT to Young Carers .  Later, I went on to become a tutor on the OCN accredited Holistic Living course, where I taught about the mind-body connection and how to use EFT as a daily stress-relieving tool. More recently, I trained a group of carers in positive stress relief and I am excited to be working with Tappy Twins supporting children, parents and teachers in schools.

Currently, I enjoy volunteering at my local hospital in the Oncology department, giving EFT sessions to patients undergoing cancer treatment. I also spend time each week volunteering to help the children in my daughter's school.

Want to know more? 

Explore the website and see what support is on offer, resources or support packages to help you.

Modern Energy Tapping (EFT) Accredited Trainer and Master Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Workplace Coach (ILM), PSTEC Advanced Practitioner.

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