Emotional wellness for families


Do you find that when you feel your best everything seems to flow, you have plenty of patience and you can resolve conflicts much easier? Yet when you are feeling low or tired and the kids are playing up you end up shouting with no-one listening and the situation escalates?

If that sounds familiar, I have good news for you as I have been through this myself with my own family and have found a way to help you to get back on track and have help in the moment you need it, without having to spend lots of time learning a complicated time consuming technique.

My simple WELL tools training can help you to repair or enhance your family connection whether you’re a single parent, a family with four children or whatever your situation. You can use my WELL tools on your own, with your child, as a couple or as a family unit and I can guide you through how to do this as you progress.

When you start your emotional wellness journey you may discover how quickly my techniques can help you to ease stress and feel more in control of your emotions which in turn helps you to make better choices which will benefit the whole family.

Scroll down to discover some free resources to get you started. I will be adding more resources periodically so if you have any suggestions for specific challenges you would like support with, get in touch and you may see your suggestion appear in the form of a support video or practical exercise.

Video for Parents - tap along

Additional Resources

Find some more tips and tools below:

You can also visit my Additional Support page for even more help and resources from other sources.


Dance and Tap

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Tap into Success

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Mindful Moments Exercise

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Self Care

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Good Night Sleep

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Claiming Your Day

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Supporting your Family 

Discover how to use my simple yet powerful wellness tools to help you and your family deal with day to day challenges and stresses and to release trauma or limiting beliefs. I offer solution focused therapy, training and support through 1-2-1 sessions, family sessions and group workshops. I use a combination of positive wellness tools to suit your personal situation.



1-2-1 Sessions

Therapy sessions for any parent or carer to release any trauma, anxiety or stress and to find positive solutions to the challenges faced. 

3 session package £180

6 session package £300


Group Family Sessions

Therapy sessions work on any trauma, anxiety or stress. Work on specific challenges the family faces and working together to find solutions, bond and connect.

Suitable for any family with children aged 3+

3 session package £180

6 session package £300

Parent Workshops

6 hour workshop teaching positive solution focused stress relieving tools for parents and how to use with children.

£60 per person

6-12 per workshop to ensure each parent can gain help for their own specific challenges.


Modern Energy Tapping (EFT) Accredited Trainer and Master Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Workplace Coach (ILM), PSTEC Advanced Practitioner.

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