Self Care

Self Care

You spend all day caring for others. You care for your friends and family too and always have others best interests at heart. Your body, mind and spirit deserve to be cared for to and you can make a conscious decision to care for yourself as you would care for a loved one.

You will get most benefit from doing this simple exercise 1-3 times daily

Look in the mirror and smile

Say I love and care for you (or I am open to the idea of loving and caring for you more/everyday I love and care for you more) as you do your 3 breaths from the tapping sequence.

Tap on each point in the sequence and say something like -

“I love and care for my self"

"just for today I care for my caring self”

“I am giving back to me/sending love to my body, mind and spirit/soul”

 – use whatever words work and feel right for you

If you do not practice self kindness, or struggle with the emotions it brings up, please get in touch for extra support or guidance on next steps.

If you are new to tapping start with my How to Tap video