Welcome to Wendy Beresford Emotional Wellness

Welcome to Wendy Beresford Emotional Wellness 

Introducing you to my new site and hub of information, tools, techniques and videos on how to support emotional wellbeing

A big welcome to my my new website and hub for all things to do with emotional wellness - thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy exploring the site and resources available. 

So who am I? 

My name is Wendy Beresford, my mission and my absolute passion in life is to raise awareness about the importance of making your own emotional wellness a priority and also the emotional wellness of anyone you may be responsible for. This site has been made to help you do just that, with useful guides and information that can help you feel more empowered. 

What do I want to help you with?

I am working with individuals, families, young people, schools, carers and also therapists and practitioners to help offer support and training to help people be emotionally well and live to their full potential. 

The training and resources I offer provide simple and positive techniques to lower stress levels, increase positivity and to encourage emotional wellness. The practices and training that I offer enable adults and children alike, equipping them with the necessary tools to deal with the pressures and challenges that life throws forward.

What skills do I have?

My qualification and skills include: Modern Energy Tapping (EFT) Accredited Trainer and Master Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Workplace Coach (ILM), PSTEC Advanced Practitioner

What is my background in Emotional Wellness?

I am EFT trainer, coach and hypnotherapist, with over ten years’ experience working with a range of trauma and specialising in chronic anxiety and stress.

After qualifying in Hypnotherapy in 2007, I joined the Isbourne Holistic Centre where I delivered many EFT and self-help workshops, talks on self-love and how to reprogram the brain, I also ran a meditation group.  Later, I went on to become a tutor on the OCN accredited Holistic Living course, where I taught about the mind-body connection and how to use EFT as a daily stress-relieving tool. More recently I've worked on a project teaching EFT to Young Carers with the Isbourne Centre.

Want to know more? 

Explore the website and see what support is on offer, resources or support packages to help you.

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