Young People

Emotional Wellness for young people

 Welcome to my hub for young people, filled with free resources to help you to feel more in control and to ease stress and anxiety.

Being a young person in today's society is increasingly more and more challenging. Stress, anxiety and low self-esteem are just some of the issues you may be facing.

I want you to know you are not alone. You have more power than you may think to charge of how you feel.

You can gain help and support from this site or by getting in touch with me. You can also gain confidential support through Tappy Twins who I am proud to be working with.

The Tappy Twins website also offers confidential support online for children and access to videos to help ease difficult emotions. Children can visit the Worry Windmill for support here 

If you feel you are overwhelmed by your situation, have anxiety or constantly feel stressed then please get in touch for guidance and support.

I will be adding more resources periodically so if you have any suggestions for specific challenges you would like support with, get in touch and you may see your suggestion appear in the form of a support video or practical exercise.

Support for Bullying

Additional Resources

Find some more tips and tools below:

You can also visit my Additional Support page for even more help and resources from other sources.


Dance and Tap

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Tap into Success

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Mindful Moments Exercise

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Self Care

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Good Night Sleep

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Claiming Your Day

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