Mindful Moments Exercise

Mindful Moments Exercises


Find something to focus on that is natural and appealing – the sky, a tree, a plant, a crystal, an animal. It could be something you can see now or something that you have seen in the past, perhaps on holiday.

Do the breathing part of the tapping sequence whilst focussing on what you have chosen and what energy it brings you (how it makes you feel).

As you do the three releasing breaths, have the intention of breathing in the energy of what you have chosen and sending it out to every cell in your body – filling every part of you.

Follow the tapping sequence (for 2-3 rounds) and have the intention that you are calling in the energy by speaking out loud on each tapping point e.g. ‘blue sky energy’ or 'waterfall energy'.

Do this three times a day or whenever you feel you need to release some stress, worry or tension.

If you are new to tapping or unsure how to do the releasing breathing technique, start with my How to Tap video