Wendy Beresford Emotional Wellness Launch

Wendy Beresford Emotional Wellness Launch

Do you want to gain more energy and the ability to take charge of how you feel so that you can enjoy what’s most important to you?

My mission is to raise awareness about the amazing power we have as creative human beings, to take charge of our emotions and to raise our energy state so that we become more resilient and able to deal with life’s challenges.

For over ten years I have been passionately researching and learning new skills to use with my clients, refining what works well and how I can best help others to take charge of their own emotional wellbeing in a way that is practical and realistic. From all this I have a wonderful bag of therapeutic and self-care tools that I call my WELL Tools.

With the growth in mental health issues and chronic illness in the UK, it is more vital than ever that we have access to such simple positive tools that can benefit us as individuals or groups, whether you are seeking help as a parent, a carer, a young person, a student, a family or a school.

Below are some of the benefits you could gain when you use my WELL Tools regularly -

Boost your energy levels or calm yourself quickly in the moment you need it

Improve your relationships, feeling more connected to others

Find your own positive solutions to challenges you face

Daily tasks flow more easily and you get more done

Become more determined and focused on your personal or work goals

How can you gain access to my WELL Tools?

Positive empowerment sessions – designed around your needs, we work together to find positive tools that you can easily build into your daily routine. Also includes guided support in overcoming specific challenges that you face.

Positive therapy sessions – for deeper or more long held challenges, trauma or anxiety. Find your own solutions to heal emotional trauma and ease pain whilst learning a gift for life.

Training packages – enjoy learning and supporting each other in a live group training. Accredited training to gain a qualification or bespoke workshops available.

Free resources – including follow along videos, daily exercises and more. Although these tools can bring almost instant relief, they need to be used regularly for lasting benefit. For the best results, use these tools after sessions or training with Wendy.

Have fun exploring my website and please visit regularly for more great resources, article and news.

Remember - you are powerful, you have all the solutions within you and you deserve to feel good every day,

Wendy x

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